HAD Design Consultant and Project Management Development JSC was established in 2008, a core member of Design - Architecture Group. We mainly provide design and project managment services. 
Our founding members are architects, engineers, artists with professional experiences and dedication. The company principals are competent and experienced.
HAD strives to achieve professionally in the field of design, management and project development. We always improve our professional knowledge through learning, working and collaborating.
For us, architecture results from collaboration and communication.An elegant design carries in it a close connection between client and designer. A communication starts from word, then drawings, and
then models. Through design process, we allow a client to understand the project so he/she can make a good judgment before the project is built.
Quality and trust are our guiding principles. We stand behind our work and HAD work quality is controlled and checked carefully by experienced professionals before delivery.
Our design principles: green, environmental friendly, sustainable, and minimal.

Founding Members:

Tran Nguyen Hoang BArch, M.Arch: has 8 years of solid experiences in designning, coordinating and managing architectural projects in Vietnam.
He participated in all design phases of high-profile and complex projects such as Melinh Hyper Market, Haiphong Exhibition Center,
Ocean Park tower, Van Khe residential tower. He was a member of the committe drafting Vietnamese Standards for Market Buildings. He collaborated with international firms such as DPA (Singapore),
ARBPalisades sonally and collaboratively he won many national design awards. He earned B.Arch (honors) and the M.Arch degree from Hanoi Architectural University.

Bui Vi Duong B.Arch., M.A.U.D.: worked 4 years in the United States at The Rose + Guggenheimer Studio (formerly Office of Peter Rose), and participated in all design phases
of various projects such as Milton Academy Science Building, Kripalu residential tower, Island house.His projects with the company were  awarded by BSA and published by
Princeton Architectural Press. Together with a friend, his proposal for High Density on The High Ground Competition won merit award and was exhibited at AIA convention 2006, and in US Pavilion at Venice
Biennale 2006. He earned B.Arch. (honors) from Hanoi Architectural
University, and M.A.U.D. degree from Harvard Design School.

Tran Huu Quang Artist - Lecturer at Hanoi Industrial Fine Art University.
He has deep knowledge and experiences in applied art and sculpture.His prominent projects included carpet painting for ceremonial room
of Prime Minister House, wall sculpture for the lobby of Prime Minister House, and flying fressco for Hanoi Architectural University

Board of Director
Director - founder: Tran Nguyen Hoang – B.Arch. M.Arch
Vice director – founder: Bui Vi Duong – B.Arch. M.A.U.D.
Artistic Director: Tran Huu Quang, B.Art, Artist

Architecture Department:
Tran Nguyen Hoang B.Arch. M.Arch - 8 year exprience – Licensed
Bui Vi Duong B.Arch. M.A.U.D. - 8 year exprience - Licensed
Nong Phuong Bac B.Arch.